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J-Link Installer options page

The instructions below will help you check and update your drivers. Even new computers can have out-of-date drivers and operating systems because updates are released routinely. Some games and programs might run fine on a system with old drivers, but outdated drivers can still create technical issues with specific games or programs. Linux specifics ModemManager. Many Linux distributions have the ModemManager application installed and running as a daemon by default. This daemon by default opens a connection to a CDC-ACM device (like a J-Link VCOM) as soon as the device has enumerated and starts sending AT commands over the device to the other side (usually a target MCU connected to J-Link). The on-board ST-LINK included in the STM32 Discovery and Nucleo board kits may be upgraded free of charge with a specific version of the J-Link firmware available on the Segger website: (ST will not provide any support for this modification, and it is not responsible for any difficulty this may cause). SEGGER, the experts for embedded solutions, provides a number of free tools and utilities that can be used free of charge for personal, non-commercial use. All these utilities have in common that they are based on software developed by SEGGER.

The J-Link Installer is an NSIS installer which installs the J-Link Software and Documentation Pack.The J-Link Installer can be installed for “all users” and since Version 6.49a also for “user”. The latter does not require admin elevation.

  • 1Installation options
  • 2Command line parameters
    • 2.1Available command line options

This section of the article describes the options that can be set prior to the installation.
Note: This is only valid for version 6.49a and onwards.

Install USB Driver for J-Link

Requires admin rights. When checked, the J-Link USB driver is installed as part of the installation process. Is selected by default. Cannot be set when Install for this user only is selected.

Create entry in start menu

When checked, a start menu entry of the J-Link Software and Documentation Pack is created. Is selected by default.

Add shortcuts to desktop

When checked, a desktop shortcuts for J-Link Commander and J-Flash is created. Is selected by default.

Update DLL in other applications

When checked, the J-Link DLL Updater is started after installation.Requires admin rights. Starts the DLL Updater after installation. Is selected by default. Cannot be set when Install for this user only is selected.

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Update existing installation OR Install a new instance

This option sets whether a J-Link Software and Documentation Pack installed prior to the same destination folder is to be uninstalled before the installation or not. By default, “Update existing installation” is selected. Uninstalls the J-Link version found in the Install directory.

Install for all users OR Install for this user only

This option sets whether the J-Link Software and Documentation Pack is installed for all users or for this user only.By default, “Install for all users” is selected.

Destination Folder

This is the folder the J-Link Software and Documentation Pack is to be installed to.It cannot be set when Install for this user only is selected.It can only be chosen whether the folder ends with _<Version> or not, by switching between Update existing and Install a new instance.
For defaults, refer to Command line options notes, (**).

The J-Link Installer supports command line usage since version 6.49a. All options selectable in the GUI version of the installer can also be set by command line.

Available command line options

Command line Meaning Default Syntax
-InstAllUsers Install for all users 1(*) -InstAllUsers=<1/0>
-CreateStartMenuEntry Create a start menu entry 1 -CreateStartMenuEntry=<1/0>
-CreateDesktopShortCut Create a desktop shortcut 1 -CreateDesktopShortCut=<1/0>
-UpdateExisting Will uninstall the existing J-Link version in install directory prior to installation 1 -UpdateExisting=<1/0>
-Silent Start installer silent. Note: DLL updater wont be called if set to 1 0 -Silent=<1/0>
The following command lines are ignored, if “-InstAllUsers=0” is set(*)
-InstUSBDriver Install USB drivers 1 -InstUSBDriver=<1/0>
-StartDLLUpdater Start DLL Updater after installation 1 -StartDLLUpdater=<1/0>
-InstDir Set the install directory (**) -InstDir=”<Path>”

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Notes: Command line options

(*) Requires admin rights.
(**) There are 4 defaults for the install path:

Presets Default
-InstAllUsers=1 -UpdateExisting=1 %ProgramFiles(x86)%SEGGERJLink
-InstAllUsers=1 -UpdateExisting=0 %ProgramFiles(x86)%SEGGERJLink_<Version>
-InstAllUsers=0 -UpdateExisting=1 %UserProfile%SEGGERJLink
-InstAllUsers=0 -UpdateExisting=0 %UserProfile%SEGGERJLink_<Version>

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